Shelflife lands first Africa collaboration with Nike. Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and as one the largest global multinational sports brands chose Shelflife, a South African footwear brand for its first official collaboration in Africa, Nike which is also owner of The Jordan Brand (Micheal Jordan’s apparel brand) which released its first Air Jordan sneaker in 1985 and 37 years later is a force to reckon with in the fashion industry earning a reported $3 million (UGX.11,550,000,000) every five hours.

Sneaker enthusiasts and collectors who resell via the secondary market can easily fetch up to 500% more than the official Nike retail price.

The special collaboration to release the Jordan 2 shoe is dubbed ‘International Flight Club’. With this, Nike aims to put some focus on lesser represented markets around the world that have a following for their sneakers hopefully with more and bigger collaborations in the future.

with Global sports brand Nike has chosen our local sneaker store Shelflife for its first collaboration on the African continent in creating the very first African Jordan.

Among the other brands selected there is the Titan Store [] in the Philippines market, Shop Two 18 [] in Detroit.

You can check out the Shelflife sneakers here;